Tool to convert IP address to responsible organisation's abuse email

If you don't know how to contact organisation responsible for IP address, fill IP in this form and press 'Convert'!

How to use this tool?

You can perform queries to our service using a similar API to DNSBL. Our base domain for the API is ip2abuse.edwardcode.net. Requests are made in the format <ip>.ip2abuse.edwardcode.net, where <ip> is the requested IP address written in reverse format. For example, becomes IPv6 is written in its entirety in 8-part form and is separated by dots instead of colons. IPv6 is also transmitted in reverse format. The shortened format (::) is converted to the full format. For example, 2a0a:6044:9000::1 becomes If the service was able to obtain an email address for complaints, the address will be returned as a single TXT record. In case of an error, an A-record with an error code will be returned.

Error codes

IPv4 error code Description Invalid IP address format Failed to get abuse contact email